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Primary Care Clinic in Berwyn Heights, MD

Allegis Health Care Clinic provides primary care services to promote preventative care, health and wellness, acute illness treatment, chronic care management and more! Call now for more information. We are conveniently located at 6201 Greenbelt RD, M18 Berwyn Heights, MD 20740.

What is a primary care clinic?

A primary care clinic is a medical facility which specializes in comprehensive first contact medical care,and continuing care for those with any undiagnosed symptom,sign, or health concern (otherwise known as undifferentiated problems or patients).Primary care clinics primarily specialize in promoting health,disease prevention,the maintenance of good health,counseling,patient education,diagnosis and the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions in a variety of health care facilities.

What characterizes a primary care facility is that it promotes patient advocacy in the medical system and the coordination of health care services, while also promoting communication with patients and encouraging them to take an active role in their own health care.

Primary care clinics are day to day health care providers,acting as the first point of contact for people with the medical system and where the organization and coordination of patient care happens that might involve specialist care and referrals.Primary care facilities are typically staffed by a variety of medical professionals,including nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant.If you have any questions about the staff of your local primary care clinic,you can always call and ask questions – whether it be about the staff make-up or whether your insurance is accepted.









What is the goal of primary care?

Primary care is a point of entry for a patient into the health care system,and as a continuing point for continued medical services for those who require long term care for their medical conditions.Primary care is designed to meet the needs of those patients who have undifferentiated problems,and the majority of patient concerns are taken care of within the primary care facility.

The goal of primary care is to provide point of entry care to patients.These care facilities are typically located within communities,which facilitates the access to health care while also maintaining a variety of specialty and institutional referrals and consultations to meet specific patient needs.The structure of a primary care facility will vary,but all are staffed with medical professionals who are ready and prepared to meet a variety of patient’s needs and concerns.

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What services does primary care provide?

We at Allegis Health Care are dedicated to preventative primary care services and other day to day medical service needs.From physicals to vaccinations to screenings,we offer a variety of services by our trained medical professionals to help keep you healthy and happy.

Our primary care services include free consultations and free BP check-ups with our nurse.

We also offer the following services:
Wellness evaluations
Regular physicals
School and sports physicals
Employment physicals
DOT/CDL physicals
Pre-employment drug screening
Chronic care management (e.g.,diabetes,high blood pressure,asthma,etc.)
Healthy Kids Program
Vaccinations and immunizations.

In addition to the above listed services,we also offer free check-ups,which include:weight and height checks,blood pressure checks,throat checks,body mass index (BMI),and blood sugar checks.Our highly skilled medical professionals are here to provide you with top health care services,with care and compassion.

We also accept most insurance plans and take self-pay or private pay patients.If you have any questions about what services we offer,the costs of our services,or whether your insurance plan is accepted,please give us a call now.If you would like to book an appointment for a free consultation or check-up,please give us a call us or visit us online for more information.


Allegis Healthcare provided great patient care as well as customer service for my father. Their caregivers really cared about my dad’s well-being and displayed it on a daily basis.

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Excellent Service. Thank you!

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